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Mid May, no updates from Catalyst on Escape Capsule 5

Catalyst LifeStyle Escape Capsule waterproof iphone case logo

Our promised release date of mid-April has come and gone and here we are in the second week of May with no update from Catalyst / Griffin. Fans of waning patience are anxiously awaiting the release of this case and the company continues to miss deadline after self-imposed deadline… and not issue any word to their loyal customers.

PR 101

As the deadlines come and go, no word from either Catalyst or Griffin. Clearly, there are either design or production problems that they are not telling us about. Likely design as not to spook the market. Their latest communication was promising a mid-April release, but they never updated anyone when that came and went. Then the Facebook fans started to mutiny.

“As you can see, the case is pretty much ready.”

-Catalyst, 4/9/2013

I see…

As of a few days ago, the mutiny has intensified:
Escape Capsule mutiny part 2

Case Leaked on Amazon

We broke a story a few weeks ago that the Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5 was being sold on Amazon, which is technically true. However, it appears that seller has 0 stock and indeterminate plans to receive any.

Ironically, one of our astute readers brought this to the attention of Catalyst. Of course, no response:

Escape Capsule mutiny part 3

Meanwhile, Catalyst has posted a few low grade pictures of the case on the website for their ever dwindling fan base. Perhaps they will have a product out when the iPhone 6 comes out. Glad they are “testing the *&^% out of this case”.

Patient Escape Capsule 5 Customers Begin Mutiny

More problems on Facebook for Catalyst…

With no end in sight to the delays of the Escape Capsule Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5, the previously loyal fans have begun to mutiny in the only way they know how: via Catalyst’s Facebook page:

It started out with a disgruntled user buying a different case… and letting them know about the lost sale. Catalyst did not reply or delete the message :-\
Escape Capsule Mutiny 1

It then escalated with another user criticizing Catalyst’s information flow and PR strategy:
Escape Capsule Mutiny 2

It finally climaxed (for now) with a user asking for a simple date. Catalyst refuses and could not dignify him by providing a date… but they appreciate his message!
Escape Capsule Mutiny 3

We shall see if Catalyst can turn this ship around, but remember that the same thing happened with the original Escape Capsule. Maybe they will have something out by the time the iPhone 6s rolls around.

Don’t worry, they don’t answer my emails either.

DriSuit’s Marketing Needs Help


DriSuit Guardian Marketing

We love the DriSuit products but they have got to step up their marketing game. It is like they are running a middle school yearbook over there.

Fear not, we have put together a 5 Step Program for DriSuit:

  1. You have a new product launch for the Guardian, and no one shows up. Your tweet gets no conversation and no one is talking about your hash tag 2 days later. Not effective. Step up your social media game.
  2. See LifeProof Understands Marketing
  3. Fix the photos on your website. Photos sell. They are currently not professional or sharp. Get us some decent photos to hype your stuff! Fix website while at it.
  4. Fix the text on your website. There are grammatical mistakes and not enough information to inform consumers.
  5. Get the word out (ehh hem… I can help) about your new products. You will sell more!

At this rate, Catalyst (who doesn’t even have a product yet!) is going to beat them.


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