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OtterBox Acquires LifeProof

OtterBox Purchases LifeProof

Huge news today.

Rather than compete against them, OtterBox has flat out purchased Tree Frog Developments, Inc. which is the parent company of LifeProof. The two companies will combine to focus on protective gear for electronics. No word yet on a purchase price but given LifeProof’s success it is likely steep. LifeProof will become an “OtterBox company” and operate wholly for the foreseeable future. No immediate changes are planned for products.

Check out the press releases at OtterBox and LifeProof.

OtterBox acquires Lifeproof tweet
This comes on the back of both massive delays and questionable profitability of the waterproof OtterBox Armor Series. Perhaps the design task was too much for OtterBox or outside of the realm of their expertise. Or perhaps they saw LifeProof growing too fast and gobbled them up before they expanded to non-water cases.

Either way, a major shift in the industry has occurred. We are still trying to get our heads around it.

DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5 Out of Stock til 6/1

DriSuit Endurnce for iPhone 5 out of stock

While many are patiently waiting for a DriSuit Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5 to be shipped (and some of us just for an email), the Drisuit website has been kind enough to inform us that stock = 0. Nothing will be shipping until June 1st, 2013, so let’s hope they can hit that mark.

The DriSuit Guardian, however, is in stock.

Impatience boiling, potential mutiny?

With the entertaining mutiny over at the Catalyst Facebook page subsiding due to finally releasing product, our attention is called to the DriSuit Facebook page and the upset people there. Curt responses, complete lack of responses, and ‘lost in transit’ product abound.

The Endurance case for iPhone 5 has not been available for 2 weeks, and the delay may be greater. The Facebook admin says that this is “due to extreme demand.” Hmmm… let me translate manufacturing speak. “Due to extreme demand” means:

  • Our planning and forecasting sucks, or
  • We are actually selling a sh*t ton, or
  • Our supplier messed up, or
  • Our operations messed up, or
  • combination of the above

Let’s hope they can this together and ship some product.

Griffin: More Survivor + Catalyst Colors in 2014?

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 case more colors 2

Griffin Technologies, who partnered with Catalyst Lifestyle to create the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5, has the above header photo on their website saying more colors will be available in 2014. At a minimum, that is 7.5 months away. Heck, Catalyst just released the pink version pictured above. Are they serious?

Can you imagine what the Catalyst mutiny would be like if this were true? Either way, this demonstrates the miscommunication between the two companies.

Likely, this is the oversight of an absent minded graphic artist and is an honest mistake. But hell, who could blame them for thinking 2014, with as long as this case has been delayed.

More PR 101

Meanwhile, over at their Mad Max style FaceBook page, Catalyst is putting on another PR demonstration and putting out fires with customers who weren’t informed about the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case being released.

That’s because there was no announcement.

Even while someone released it prematurely on Amazon, Catalyst did not make a blanket announcement but did alert those on their preorder list. Of course, this pissed off those people who weren’t on that list.

Catalyst new colors iphone 5

So don’t let anyone else know or order, even if you have limited quantities?

Take notes, kids.