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Currently Unavailable on Amazon: Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5

Survivor Catalyst Wateproof Case iPhone 5 blue

Perhaps a more appropriate status is: We don’t know if this product will ever be in stock.

Two weeks ago we broke a story that Amazon was carrying the highly anticipated follow up to the Escape Capsule, the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5 at a price of $59 ($20 less than retail). At the time the product was slated to ship within 6-10 days. All the while Catalyst nor Griffin had made any comments about a release.

Meanwhile, patient Catalyst fans (who want to pay them money for their product but have gotten no good information) began mutinying on their FaceBook page. When news of this behind the back Amazon post hit, and with further silence from Catalyst, the mutiny intensified.

Shortly thereafter, the status on Amazon was changed to the above “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”. Kind of ironic as it was never there.

You can keep an eye on supply below.

LifeProof Drops Price of Frē to $59 on Amazon

LifeProof Fre iphone 5 case with headphone adapter

Less than a month ago amid increasing competition, Lifeproof dropped the price of their Fre waterproof case for the iPhone 5 from $79 to $69. Days later, not long after its release, Otterbox dropped the price of their Armor Series from $99 way down to $70 and then to $60 in an effort to be the low price leader.

LifeProof has fired back, undercutting the low Armor price by $1 and dropping the price of their case $10 to $59.99 on Amazon. This puts them at the low end for iPhone 5 cases as of 4/24/13:

  • LifeProof $59.99
  • OtterBox Armor: $60
  • DriSuit Endurance: $59
  • DriSuit Guardian: $59
  • Catalyst + Survivor: not out yet

Keep an eye on the two on live prices below… we doubt the price war is over.


Massive Price Drop: OtterBox Armor Series to $60

OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 orange front and back

Just days after we reported that OtterBox had dropped the price of their Armor Series waterproof cases to $81.58, they are at it again, this time taking a further 25% off and pricing the iPhone 5 models at $60. All in, they have reduced the price from $99 to $60 in about a week, a reduction of nearly 40%.

Note that these price drops are only effective on Amazon (via the OtterBox store, ironically). Anyone who ventures to OtterBox’s website will pay the original retail price of $99.

It makes one wonder why so many price drops so soon. The cases were released barely two months ago (February 2013) and already the prices are falling off a cliff. Granted, OtterBox released late in the product life cycle and LifeProof has already dropped the price of their Fre case a bit from $79 to $75. At $60, OtterBox comes in far lower than LifeProof and lower than DriSuit and Catalyst are expected.

It seems that OtterBox is feeling the heat of competition, but perhaps they are sitting on a ton of inventory which may not be selling as forecast. Time will tell but the price wars are just getting started.

Live prices on Amazon below:



20% Discount on OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5 on Amazon

OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 all colors discounted

Well, that industry-high $99 pricing didn’t last long.

OtterBox’s retail site on Amazon has heavily discounted all colors of the Armor Series for iPhone 5 to $81.58. A strange, but good price. Stranger, they have not discounted the price of the Armor Series for iPhone 4/4s, which is a significantly older phone. Perhaps that is next.

With LifeProof dropping the price on its Fre for iPhone 5 case to $70 not long ago, there was definite pressure on OtterBox at the $99 price point. While these two are already dropping prices, DriSuit and Catalyst still aren’t fully out yet with product.

You can monitor the live prices on Amazon below:



LifeProof Drops Price of Frē to $70 on Amazon

White Lifeproof waterproof iphone case Fre amazon

LifeProof may be feeling the heat.

With OtterBox firmly in the market with their Armor Series, and DriSuit and Catalyst ready to release iPhone 5 waterproof cases in the next month, LifeProof has discounted their black Frē waterproof case for iPhone 5 to $70 on Amazon. Some resellers are even selling them for less. This also includes free shipping, which saves you $5.

With the Armor series at a steep $99, DriSuit expected at $69 and Catalyst expected at $79, LifeProof is adding extra incentive for customers to choose their case from the pack. It will be interesting to see how the pricing wars play out with more players entering the field.

You can monitor live prices on Amazon of all Frē cases below.


(main photo:

Catalyst Escape Capsule 4/4s price drop to $69


Catalyst Escape Capusle iPhone 4-4s underwater

Following the recent iPhone 4/4s waterproof case price markdown from Lifeproof ($53) and DriSuit ($39), Catalyst has marked down their popular Escape Capsule waterproof case for the iPhone 4/4s to $69. While this price includes free worldwide shipping, it is still relatively expensive compared to LifeProof and DriSuit.

When released, the original Catalyst Escape Capsule debuted at $89, compared to Lifeproof at $79 and DriSuit at $59.

Catalyst Escape Capusle iPhone 4-4s waterproof case


The above photo is of the 4/4s case (notice the lanyard for headphone input on top). You an also notice that the original Escape Capsule did not feature a charging port or mute/ringer switch. You can read the full Escape Capsule for iPhone 4/4s review here.

iPhone 5 model on the way

Lifeproof has partnered with Griffin Technology to release a waterproof case for the iPhone 5. It is a bit late in coming out and behind deadline, but the photos look pretty sweet. The model, called the Escape Capsule + Survivor for the iPhone 5, will be completely waterproof, and improve on the product’s shortcomings in the 4/4s model, namely the ringer switch and charging port.

You can buy the iPhone 4/4s model or check out the iPhone 5 model on Catalyst’s website.


DriSuit Endurance iPhone 4/4s Price Drops to $39 on Amazon

DriSuit Endurance iPhone 4/4s price drop


As the iPhone 4/4s models age, DriSuit is entering the game of lowering prices on its popular Endurance case (formerly known as Scuba Suit).  The black version of the case, which originally sold for $79, can now be found on Amazon for $39.  This is even cheaper than LifeProof who has select colors of their waterproof iPhone 4/4s discounted to $53.

Likely, DriSuit is ramping up for an iPhone 5 offering, which is not out yet.