DriSuit Endurance Released in White – Available on Amazon $69

DriSuit Endurance White for iPhone 5 waterproof case front

DriSuit has released their flagship waterproof case for the iPhone 5, the Endurance, in white. Immediately upon release the case was available on Amazon for $69 and appears to be selling fast as limited stock was available. The case is not even featured on the DriSuit website yet.

This new case color comes just after DriSuit released their Guardian series in white, which retails for $10 less than the Endurance. This is because the Endurance has a capacitive touch screen, meaning you can actually use it underwater (change settings, use camera features, screen, whatever). This special screen is a bit thicker than the Guardian’s non-capacitive touch screen and probably costs a bit more to manufacture, hence the price differences.

We will wait and see if DriSuit releases more flavorful colors for the iPhone 5 model as they did on the original iPhone 4/4s Scuba Suit. The initial price for the white Endurance is $69 but you can monitor live Amazon pricing below: