DriSuit Guardian / Endurance Packaging Photos

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging front

DriSuit has released two waterproof case options for the iPhone 5, the Endurance and Guardian, both of whose packaging is shown above and below. Not the most creative in-your-face-awesome packaging ever seen, but good products come in boring-graphically-designed packages. It almost feels like China (or whatever country of manufacturer) did the design for them.

The case is well displayed and the packaging is sturdy cardboard. The photos on the back are horrible aren’t great and it is difficult to get a feel for what the features of the case are. Moreover, the packaging is nearly identical between the Guardian and Endurance. They push the point of the industry leading fully integrated headphone solution, but nowhere on the front of the case do they say that the case is waterproof to 5m (15ft), their main selling point!

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging back

LifeProof’s characteristically corny graphic art looks like Van Gogh compared to DriSuit. That said, don’t judge a book by its cover as a great waterproof case awaits inside.