DriSuit Releases Guardian Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian waterproof case for iPhone 5

Our friends at DriSuit have come out of left field and surprised us with a brand new waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This leaked a few weeks ago which led to speculation about what the Guardian product would be. Besides releasing the Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5, DriSuit also now has the Guardian case for iPhone 5.

…and we are trying to figure out the difference.

The Early Details

We don’t know much about the Guardian case and DriSuit is not helping. The case is available and in stock and is selling for a retail price of $59.95, which is the same as the Endurance. It appears they are marketing it towards people fearful of water damage as opposed to the crowd who actively takes their phone in the water. Here is the description from the DriSuit website:

The driSuit guardian for the iPhone 5 is the perfect choice for all outdoor activities. Never again be caught in a situation where your iPhone investment is at risk. All weather protection from rain, snow, mud, dust and sand, from the soccer fields to city streets and even to the infamous toilet drops – for once and for all, you and your investment are covered an protected with driSuit.
Proprietary integrated audio jack, easy to use dual latch system, waterproof through five meters (16.5 feet), internally cushioned for shock protection – lanyard for easy carrying.

Most of that description is crap but the waterproof rating to 5m (16.6ft) is nice. That is much stronger than LifeProof Fre and Otterbox Armor which are rated to a mere 2m, or 6.6ft. The case appears styled similarly to the Endurance with low profile side clips to close a bottom piece to a phone-slides-in main body. Front camera/sensor panel is seen as well as a control for the home screen. Multiple microphone and sound vents on the bottom which looks long (i.e. this thing looks tall).

Other Information

The only other information we have is from a random company’s Facebook post from January (!). This may or not be accurate:

DriSuit Guardian Facebook Post

The lack of fluid touch screen is interesting… remember, while a bit thick and bulky, it allows one to use the screen while in/underwater. This is from the old days of DriSuit when their product was called the Scuba Suit until the realized it wasn’t good for Scuba Diving.

This post also makes us believe that the case will be released for the iPhone 4/4s and will be available in both black and white colors. More to come as we learn more details…