LifeProof Frē Now in Olive Drab Green; Sexy Time

LifeProof waterproof case Fre iPhone 5 olive drab green released

LifeProof is continuing their tactical military color theme from their previous model and are releasing an Olive Drab Green version of the Frē waterproof case for iPhone 5. While the picture above isn’t completely clear, we believe it is the third (and maybe first) case pictured. This second case appears to be their Dark Flat Earth color.

This is in the wake of more and more and more colors being released for the Frē

Getting Tactical, alright!

Why olive drab green? Regular olive isn’t good enough?


We weren’t even sure what “drab” meant, so we looked it up in the dictionary and saw that it meant: “slattern”.

Then we weren’t sure what “slattern” meant so we looked it up:

Slattern definition

We definitely understand that, and where LifeProof is going with their marketing.

And we approve.