LifeProof Nüüd iPhone 5: Technical Specifications

LifeProof Nuud waterproof case iPhone 5 front side sizes


LifeProof’s new nüüd screenless waterproof case for the iPhone 5 is an awesome new direction for the company. The ability to have a waterproof case without a bulky screen protector is a game changer and a great product. LifeProof recently released the sizes and technical specs on the case and it is quite a beauty indeed.

Obviously, the major difference compared to LifeProof’s frē case for iPhone 5 is that the nüüd does not have anything covering the phone’s screen. The case creates a seal around the edges that allows your screen to be directly used, get wet, but not become damaged (iPhone screens are made of strong glass). Thus, there is an additional o-ring seal on the nüüd case and the inner portion will appear different from the frē

The other major difference is that the nüüd case features a clear backing instead of a standard black, white or colored back piece. This is purely aesthetic and was a popular limited edition for their iPhone 4 case. On the nüüd it looks pretty cool and contributes to the minimal design of the case. With a clear back and exposed touchscreen, it is almost as if you aren’t using a case at all.

LifeProof Nuud waterproof case iPhone 5 no screen screenless


Here is what we know about the nüüd case so far:

Company: LifeProof
Title: Nüüd
Phone: iPhone 5
Release Date: July, 2013
Height: 137.5mm
Width: 67.1mm
Thickness: 12.9mm
Weight: 27.2g
Initial Price: $99
Colors: Black, White with clear back
Depth Rating: 6.6 ft, 30 minutes
Drop Test: 6.6 feet
Dust Proof: IP-68 rating
Crush Proof: n/a
Use Headphones: Yes
Waterproof w/ Headphones: Yes, with adapter
Charging Port: Yes
Home Button: Yes
Power Button: Yes
Volume Buttons: Yes
Ringer Switch: Yes
Camera: Yes
Flash: Yes
Front Camera: Yes
Front Sensors: Yes
Microphone Ports: 3
Speaker Ports: 3
Materials: Plastic, soft overmold
Closure System: Snap Fit, o-ring, plastic latch
Screen Protector: Yes