LifeProof Releases Nüüd Waterproof Case for iPhone 5c; $89

lifeproof waterproof case iphone 5c color clear

Lifeproof has released an awesome new waterproof case for the iPhone 5c. Expanding on their Nüüd product line (which leaves the front screen exposed but waterproof), the case features a clear backplate that shows off the pastel color of the 5c phone.

The case continues with the original Nüüd that was developed for the iPhone 5. The engineers at LifeProof were able to leave the front screen exposed, so you actually touch it, while making the case completely waterproof. This means that water will come in contact with your glass screen, but no damage will occur (the water has nowhere to go). They accomplish this by a gasket seal along the inner perimeter of the screen opening, preventing water from reaching sensitive parts of the phone.

The Nüüd for the iPhone 5c borrows many of the design principles from the iPhone 5 version. Full controls are available for the volume buttons, home button, power and ringer switch. The micro charging port is accessed via a latch at the bottom, that has a gasket on it that seals when closed. The headphone input has a threaded screw with an o-ring around it. It can be removed to allow headphones in, and by using the LifeProof adapter, this creates a sealed waterproof environment. So you can use your headphones in the rain or in the pool, if you wish.

The back is transparent polyurethane that was first available as an limited edition for the iPhone 4/4s model. Here, it makes its big time debut and with great cause – it allows the brilliant color of the 5c to show through the case, personalizing the case to the phone.

lifeproof nuud iphone 5c waterproof case sizes

Dimensions, Ratings and Technical Specifications

Company: LifeProof
Title: Nüüd
Phone: iPhone 5c
Release Date: December, 2013
Height: 5.46″ / 138.7mm
Width: 2.67″ / 67.8mm
Thickness: 0.6″ / 15.24mm
Weight: 1.4oz / 39.69g
Initial Price: $89
Colors: Black w/ clear back; White w/ clear back
Depth Rating: 6.6 ft, 60 minutes
Drop Test: 6.6 feet
Dust Proof: IP-68 rating
Crush Proof: n/a
Use Headphones: Yes
Waterproof w/ Headphones: Yes, with adapter
Charging Port: Yes
Home Button: Yes
Power Button: Yes
Volume Buttons: Yes
Ringer Switch: Yes
Camera: Yes
Flash: Yes
Front Camera: Yes
Front Sensors: Yes
Microphone Ports: 3
Speaker Ports: 2
Materials: Plastic, soft overmold
Closure System: Snap Fit, o-ring, plastic latch
Screen Protector: No – perimeter seal, you touch actual touchscreen


Overall, an awesome offering from LifeProof. The exposed touchscreen, while offering less protection from scratching, allows for full contact with the phone, which many people cannot give up. Thus, it is the best of both worlds – a fully waterproof case without a insensitive touch screen. The cases are coming in at an industry high ($89) pricepoint but lowest pricing can be found on Amazon.

lifeproof waterproof case iphone 5c nuud front back side