LifeProof Reveals Nuud Case for iPhone 5

Lifeproof iPhone nuud waterproof case for iPhone 5

Big news today out of LifeProof… they have revealed a new waterproof case for the iPhone 5, called the nuud. This is a product line extension of their popular iPad case that does not have a protective screen over the front glass. That is right: a waterproof case with no front screen. They achieve this by creating a seal around the perimeter of the screen using a gasket, and locking it down by sealing two pieces of the case together.

Lifeproof nuud waterproof iphone 5 case tweet

Not a lot of details so far but pricing is rumored at $89, $10 higher than the Frē iPhone 5 case.

This is a great improvement as it is a super protective, waterproof case without the bulk and dodgy screen protector of other cases. LifeProof is definitely out on the forefront of technology here… it will be interesting to see how the competition follows.