LifeProof’s Photos of iPhone 5 Waterproof Case

Lifeproof iPhone 5 waterproof case front

First Look

Following up their well received iPhone 4/4s case, LifeProof has released images of their new iPhone 5 waterproof case. The case, which is scheduled for release in “Q4”, is shown in black but other color options will likely be available.

Overall, the iPhone 5 case appears very similar to their successful iPhone 4/4s case. The signature textured plastic shell surrounds the perimeter, while the home button and screen is fully protected with the thin, transparent screen protector. A side profile shows the volume and vibrate buttons are accessed through controls similar to their old case. Both cameras and flash are functional in this design, and we imagine the case will maintain similar depth and drop test specifications. The compression seal design appears to carry over from the last case, although it is not yet possible to view the inside of the case.


A number of improvements and changes have been made to this case. Most noticeably, the bottom of the case has been redesigned to accommodate the changes in the iPhone 5. The catch that opens to reveal the smaller Lightning dock connector is significantly smaller than the previous case. At the same time, the headphone screw is positioned on the bottom of the case, due to the movement of that input on the actual phone.

Lifeproof iPhone 5 waterproof case back
The back of the case has been redesigned with a recess that appears to offer a thinner profile than on the 4/4s model. LifeProof have added a transparent window to reveal the Apple logo on the back of the phone. This adds to the style element of the case and is definitely a plus. Additionally, the camera area has been built up and reinforced, possibly offering a better seal where the window meets.

On the front of the case, the front camera and speaker design have changed in order to reflect design changes in the iPhone 5.

Availability and Pricing

At this time, there is no delivery date listed for LifeProof’s new iPhone 5 case, although the Twitter feed have listed it as Q4. Pricing on the website is listed as TBD, but we can expect this to be similar to their previous offering around $89.