Massive Price Drop: OtterBox Armor Series to $60

OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 orange front and back

Just days after we reported that OtterBox had dropped the price of their Armor Series waterproof cases to $81.58, they are at it again, this time taking a further 25% off and pricing the iPhone 5 models at $60. All in, they have reduced the price from $99 to $60 in about a week, a reduction of nearly 40%.

Note that these price drops are only effective on Amazon (via the OtterBox store, ironically). Anyone who ventures to OtterBox’s website will pay the original retail price of $99.

It makes one wonder why so many price drops so soon. The cases were released barely two months ago (February 2013) and already the prices are falling off a cliff. Granted, OtterBox released late in the product life cycle and LifeProof has already dropped the price of their Fre case a bit from $79 to $75. At $60, OtterBox comes in far lower than LifeProof and lower than DriSuit and Catalyst are expected.

It seems that OtterBox is feeling the heat of competition, but perhaps they are sitting on a ton of inventory which may not be selling as forecast. Time will tell but the price wars are just getting started.

Live prices on Amazon below: