New Pictures of LifeProof Nüüd Case for iPhone 5

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case front screen

LifeProof’s recently announced that they would be making a nüüd style waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This style differs from the populate Frē waterproof case as it lacks a plastic cover on the front screen, instead sealing around the perimeter. The dual benefit being you can directly touch your touchscreen and while using a waterproof case to 2m (6.6ft). An industry first, and a pretty sweet product. They introduced this product originally for iPads and are now extending it to iPhones.

LifeProof might have gotten some marketing advice from OtterBox who acquired LifeProof in May. Before releasing the case, they have given away some nüüd demos to be photographed and hyped.

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case back

The case is not out but should begin shipping within the next few weeks for a price of $99.

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case charging port headphone input