OtterBox Releases Armor Series iPhone 5 in Real Tree Camo

Otterbox Armor Series iPhone 5 realtree camo grass front and back

Expanding on their wildlife and outdoors theme, OtterBox has released two prints for their waterproof Armor Series case for iPhone 5 in realtree camo. Two camouflage versions exist, one depicting more dry reeds in a water environment, and the other more of a dead wood sort of motif. The dry reeds comes with an orange inner lining / accent color while the woods version has a neon green accent.

Otterbox Armor Series iPhone 5 realtree camo front and back

The cases are slated for a high $109 price at launch, likely increased to cover whomever owns the Real Tree camouflage print. The cases feature all of the same specs as the regular Armor case.