Apple Event Scheduled September 10th, 2013: No waterproof cases yet for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

Apple waterproof case iphone 5c and 5s invite

Per TechCrunch, Apple has scheduled an iPhone-centric event on September 10th. The invite hints at various pastel colors, and the rumor is a less expensive iPhone 5c and successor, possibly called the 5s, will be released.

So far the manufactures have remained quiet and there are no known waterproof cases in development for either phone. Of course, the manufacturers will not be far behind and it will be interesting to see how protection evolves for the less expensive 5c. Ideally for suppliers, the 5s will share the same frame (size and controls) as the iPhone 5, but if not it will be a whole new ballgame of design and go-to-market.

LifeProof White Nüüd for iPhone 5 – First Pictures

LifeProof Nuud iPhone 5 waterproof case screenless white front back

We now know that white is the new black, and LifeProof is coming out with a bang releasing their screenless waterproof case for the iPhone 5. Shortly after announcing their latest and greatest iPhone case that has no screen protector whatsoever (the case forms an inner seal on the touchscreen), the company began shipping the black version. Days after, they now release the white version, which is generating a lot of interest from the public.

Lifeproof iPhone Nuud black sold out tweet

As shown above, it seems that the black was so popular that it immediately sold out.

LifeProof Nuud iPhone 5 waterproof case screenless white exploded view

We have posted the full specs on the Nüüd waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This case’s color is technically being called white / smoke due to the translucent back piece, which provides a seamless and lightweight appearance to this minimalist case.

Hopefully LifeProof is hard at work on a rainbow of colors like they have done for the cheaper iPhone 5 Fre case and the original iPhone 4/4s case in the past.

LifeProof Nuud iPhone 5 waterproof case screenless white headphone jack

DriSuit Endurance Released in White – Available on Amazon $69

DriSuit Endurance White for iPhone 5 waterproof case front

DriSuit has released their flagship waterproof case for the iPhone 5, the Endurance, in white. Immediately upon release the case was available on Amazon for $69 and appears to be selling fast as limited stock was available. The case is not even featured on the DriSuit website yet.

This new case color comes just after DriSuit released their Guardian series in white, which retails for $10 less than the Endurance. This is because the Endurance has a capacitive touch screen, meaning you can actually use it underwater (change settings, use camera features, screen, whatever). This special screen is a bit thicker than the Guardian’s non-capacitive touch screen and probably costs a bit more to manufacture, hence the price differences.

We will wait and see if DriSuit releases more flavorful colors for the iPhone 5 model as they did on the original iPhone 4/4s Scuba Suit. The initial price for the white Endurance is $69 but you can monitor live Amazon pricing below:

OtterBox Releases Armor Series iPhone 5 in Real Tree Camo

Otterbox Armor Series iPhone 5 realtree camo grass front and back

Expanding on their wildlife and outdoors theme, OtterBox has released two prints for their waterproof Armor Series case for iPhone 5 in realtree camo. Two camouflage versions exist, one depicting more dry reeds in a water environment, and the other more of a dead wood sort of motif. The dry reeds comes with an orange inner lining / accent color while the woods version has a neon green accent.

Otterbox Armor Series iPhone 5 realtree camo front and back

The cases are slated for a high $109 price at launch, likely increased to cover whomever owns the Real Tree camouflage print. The cases feature all of the same specs as the regular Armor case.



DriSuit Guardian / Endurance Packaging Photos

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging front

DriSuit has released two waterproof case options for the iPhone 5, the Endurance and Guardian, both of whose packaging is shown above and below. Not the most creative in-your-face-awesome packaging ever seen, but good products come in boring-graphically-designed packages. It almost feels like China (or whatever country of manufacturer) did the design for them.

The case is well displayed and the packaging is sturdy cardboard. The photos on the back are horrible aren’t great and it is difficult to get a feel for what the features of the case are. Moreover, the packaging is nearly identical between the Guardian and Endurance. They push the point of the industry leading fully integrated headphone solution, but nowhere on the front of the case do they say that the case is waterproof to 5m (15ft), their main selling point!

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging back

LifeProof’s characteristically corny graphic art looks like Van Gogh compared to DriSuit. That said, don’t judge a book by its cover as a great waterproof case awaits inside.


LifeProof Nüüd iPhone 5: Technical Specifications

LifeProof Nuud waterproof case iPhone 5 front side sizes


LifeProof’s new nüüd screenless waterproof case for the iPhone 5 is an awesome new direction for the company. The ability to have a waterproof case without a bulky screen protector is a game changer and a great product. LifeProof recently released the sizes and technical specs on the case and it is quite a beauty indeed.

Obviously, the major difference compared to LifeProof’s frē case for iPhone 5 is that the nüüd does not have anything covering the phone’s screen. The case creates a seal around the edges that allows your screen to be directly used, get wet, but not become damaged (iPhone screens are made of strong glass). Thus, there is an additional o-ring seal on the nüüd case and the inner portion will appear different from the frē

The other major difference is that the nüüd case features a clear backing instead of a standard black, white or colored back piece. This is purely aesthetic and was a popular limited edition for their iPhone 4 case. On the nüüd it looks pretty cool and contributes to the minimal design of the case. With a clear back and exposed touchscreen, it is almost as if you aren’t using a case at all.

LifeProof Nuud waterproof case iPhone 5 no screen screenless


Here is what we know about the nüüd case so far:

Company: LifeProof
Title: Nüüd
Phone: iPhone 5
Release Date: July, 2013
Height: 137.5mm
Width: 67.1mm
Thickness: 12.9mm
Weight: 27.2g
Initial Price: $99
Colors: Black, White with clear back
Depth Rating: 6.6 ft, 30 minutes
Drop Test: 6.6 feet
Dust Proof: IP-68 rating
Crush Proof: n/a
Use Headphones: Yes
Waterproof w/ Headphones: Yes, with adapter
Charging Port: Yes
Home Button: Yes
Power Button: Yes
Volume Buttons: Yes
Ringer Switch: Yes
Camera: Yes
Flash: Yes
Front Camera: Yes
Front Sensors: Yes
Microphone Ports: 3
Speaker Ports: 3
Materials: Plastic, soft overmold
Closure System: Snap Fit, o-ring, plastic latch
Screen Protector: Yes


OtterBox Releases Fishing Print Cases for Armor Series iPhone 5

OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case iPhone 5 yellow fishing marlin design front back

OtterBox has released a slew of new designs for their waterproof Armor Series case for the iPhone 5. This time, they have taken inspiration from the very water from which they protect and designed some sportfishing inspired cases. The cases feature bright colors along with pictures of game fish and the signature of the artist that designed them.

From Wikipedia:

Guy Harvey (born September 16, 1955) is a marine wildlife artist and conservationist. His depictions of sealife, especially of sportfish such as marlin, are very popular with sportfishermen and have been reproduced in prints, posters, t-shirts, jewelry, clothing, and other consumer items.

OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case iPhone 5 fishing design front back
The above by Jason Mathias, who ironically had created some skins for former OtterBox rival LifeProof.

The cases will initially retail for an industry high $109, likely due to royalty payments made to the artists who designed them.

OtterBox Armor Series waterproof case iPhone 5 fishing marlin design front back
The above case is by artist Carey Chen.

Pretty cool designs for the angler who wants to protect their phone in style. That said, we’re not sure how you would retrieve it if if your phone falls in the ocean while fishing.

New Pictures of LifeProof Nüüd Case for iPhone 5

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case front screen

LifeProof’s recently announced that they would be making a nüüd style waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This style differs from the populate Frē waterproof case as it lacks a plastic cover on the front screen, instead sealing around the perimeter. The dual benefit being you can directly touch your touchscreen and while using a waterproof case to 2m (6.6ft). An industry first, and a pretty sweet product. They introduced this product originally for iPads and are now extending it to iPhones.

LifeProof might have gotten some marketing advice from OtterBox who acquired LifeProof in May. Before releasing the case, they have given away some nüüd demos to be photographed and hyped.

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case back

The case is not out but should begin shipping within the next few weeks for a price of $99.

LifeProof nuud iphone 5 waterproof case charging port headphone input

New Pictures of White DriSuit Guardian iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian white waterproof iPhone 5 case front

DriSuit just released a white version of their waterproof Guardian iPhone case for the iPhone 5, and one of the DriSuit crew took to their FaceBook page and posted some pretty solid pics of it. These pics show the new white version out in the woods getting dirty, with the phone protected just fine, and the contrast of the brown and white looking good.

DriSuit waterproof case white Guardian iphone 5 back

Strangely, the Guardian got a white version before the Endurance case, which was released earlier. Let’s hope there are more color options on the way.

DriSuit white Guardian waterproof case iPhone 5 front 2

OtterBox Releases Yellow and Blue Colors for iPhone 5 Armor Series

OtterBox Armor Case iPhone 5 yellow grey summit front screen
OtterBox seems to have taken a page out of LifeProof’s playbook (whom they recently acquired) as they are (finally) releasing new colors for their waterproof Armor Series line of cases for the iPhone 5. Their latest offerings are called Titanium (yellow and grey) and Summit (blue and grey). The same blue/grey combination has also been released for their iPhone 4/4s Armor case, but Titanium is unique to the iPhone 5.

The new colors are retailing for a steep $99 while arctic, neon and orange colors can be found on Amazon for $70.

OtterBox Armor Case iPhone 5 blue grey summit front screen

You can see a review of this case here and full specs here. The case has a depth rating of 2m (6.6 ft), can withstand drops from 10 ft and up to 2 tons of pressure. It allows for full functionality and is a great way to protect your investment.