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Catalyst Rebrands Survivor for iPhone 5s – $45

Pink Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5s

Catalyst Lifestyle has rebranded the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 to the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 & 5s. Didn’t really think that could get any longer. It appears the design was not modified for the biometric home button on the 5s but this is a great water specific case at a great price, $45 on Amazon vs. $70 on the Catalyst website.


Catalyst Survivor Price Dropped to $53

Catalyst Survivor Waterproof iPhone 5 case black clear all angles

In the market for a Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5?

With summer in full swing, now may be the time to pick up a black/clear one as Amazon has them for $53, which is a $12 discount for this outstanding waterproof case. Check out the review and consider jumping on this, although other colors are slated to come out in the future. But knowing Catalyst, this may be a while.


Griffin + Survivor Waterproof Case iPhone 5 Officially Released on Amazon for $69

Catalyst + Griffin Survivor Waterproof Case Black pieces

After long months of waiting, misteps and misinformation, the Griffin + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5, the follow up to the Escape Capsule, has been fully released. The case is selling on both Catalyst / Griffin websites and Amazon.

The case was originally posted on Amazon for $59 before launch but that seems to have been a misstep. The price and photo were updated to the current price of $69, but we will see how long that lasts.

Catalyst Escape Capsule for iPhone 5

The case features a 3m depth rating and 2m drop rating. It is thin and trim at L x W x D of 135.4 x 67.3 x 14.2mm, which is very comparable to the LifeProof Fre for iPhone 5. The Survivor features full functionality, waterproof headphone adapter and a clear, polycarbonate design with soft rubber overmolding.

Griffin: More Survivor + Catalyst Colors in 2014?

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 case more colors 2

Griffin Technologies, who partnered with Catalyst Lifestyle to create the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5, has the above header photo on their website saying more colors will be available in 2014. At a minimum, that is 7.5 months away. Heck, Catalyst just released the pink version pictured above. Are they serious?

Can you imagine what the Catalyst mutiny would be like if this were true? Either way, this demonstrates the miscommunication between the two companies.

Likely, this is the oversight of an absent minded graphic artist and is an honest mistake. But hell, who could blame them for thinking 2014, with as long as this case has been delayed.

More PR 101

Meanwhile, over at their Mad Max style FaceBook page, Catalyst is putting on another PR demonstration and putting out fires with customers who weren’t informed about the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case being released.

That’s because there was no announcement.

Even while someone released it prematurely on Amazon, Catalyst did not make a blanket announcement but did alert those on their preorder list. Of course, this pissed off those people who weren’t on that list.

Catalyst new colors iphone 5

So don’t let anyone else know or order, even if you have limited quantities?

Take notes, kids.

Pink Survivor + Griffin Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 Released

Pink Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5

We won’t repeat all of the news from the last post about the release of the follow up to the Escape Capsule for iPhone 5, so here we are just showcasing some product photos for the pink (red) Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5.
Pink Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5 lightning charging port headphones
Pink Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5 front and back case

Black Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Released with New Photos

Catalyst Escape Capsule for iPhone 5

The long wait is over… we can finally stop harping on Catalyst and Griffin Technologies for not releasing product. As of this afternoon, the follow up to the Escape Capsule for iPhone 5 has been released and the black version is shipping. And it looks good.

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5 lightning connector charging port headphones


This case is fully loaded with industry leading features and is selling for $69 at release. In terms of size, this case is very thin: 14mm, or about 2mm thicker than the LifeProof Fre and way thinner than the OtterBox Armor. The Survivor weights 50.5g which is about double the weight of the Fre and half of what the Armor weighs.

Height: 135.4mm
Width: 67.3mm
Thickness: 14.2mm
Weight: 50.5g

Depth Rating: 3m (9.8 feet)
Drop Test: MIL-STD-810G
Materials: clear polycarbonate, soft rubber overmold, rubber o-ring seal

All controls: included
Waterproof w/ Headphones must use included adapter
Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5 waterproof headphone adapter

Overall a great effort and we are glad it is finally released. The market is definitely starting to heat up.
Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof case iPhone 5 ringer switch volume buttons

Currently Unavailable on Amazon: Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case iPhone 5

Survivor Catalyst Wateproof Case iPhone 5 blue

Perhaps a more appropriate status is: We don’t know if this product will ever be in stock.

Two weeks ago we broke a story that Amazon was carrying the highly anticipated follow up to the Escape Capsule, the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5 at a price of $59 ($20 less than retail). At the time the product was slated to ship within 6-10 days. All the while Catalyst nor Griffin had made any comments about a release.

Meanwhile, patient Catalyst fans (who want to pay them money for their product but have gotten no good information) began mutinying on their FaceBook page. When news of this behind the back Amazon post hit, and with further silence from Catalyst, the mutiny intensified.

Shortly thereafter, the status on Amazon was changed to the above “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”. Kind of ironic as it was never there.

You can keep an eye on supply below.

Mid May, no updates from Catalyst on Escape Capsule 5

Catalyst LifeStyle Escape Capsule waterproof iphone case logo

Our promised release date of mid-April has come and gone and here we are in the second week of May with no update from Catalyst / Griffin. Fans of waning patience are anxiously awaiting the release of this case and the company continues to miss deadline after self-imposed deadline… and not issue any word to their loyal customers.

PR 101

As the deadlines come and go, no word from either Catalyst or Griffin. Clearly, there are either design or production problems that they are not telling us about. Likely design as not to spook the market. Their latest communication was promising a mid-April release, but they never updated anyone when that came and went. Then the Facebook fans started to mutiny.

“As you can see, the case is pretty much ready.”

-Catalyst, 4/9/2013

I see…

As of a few days ago, the mutiny has intensified:
Escape Capsule mutiny part 2

Case Leaked on Amazon

We broke a story a few weeks ago that the Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5 was being sold on Amazon, which is technically true. However, it appears that seller has 0 stock and indeterminate plans to receive any.

Ironically, one of our astute readers brought this to the attention of Catalyst. Of course, no response:

Escape Capsule mutiny part 3

Meanwhile, Catalyst has posted a few low grade pictures of the case on the website for their ever dwindling fan base. Perhaps they will have a product out when the iPhone 6 comes out. Glad they are “testing the *&^% out of this case”.

Escape Capsule iPhone 5 Released on Amazon $59

Griffine Catalyst Survivor Escape Capsule iPhone 5 waterproof case

It appears at least one retailer is selling the Escape Capsule / Surivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case on Amazon, and there are a few interesting things to see here.

Just as the pitch of disgruntled Catalyst fans reached a fervor, perhaps there is an end in sight. The Survivor is showing up on Amazon as being “by” Griffin and “ships and sold from” J&R Music and Computer World. Not clear whether this listing on Amazon is by Griffin or J&R… either way, there seems to be some massive miscommunication among the new Griffin / Catalyst partnership. Facebook fans are taking Catalyst to task, Catalyst says they don’t have product, meanwhile someone named J&R is listing the product on Amazon. Neither the Catalyst or Griffin websites are updated to show stock. Another day in the life.

Price and Availability

The price is somewhat surprising as it retails for $79 but has been immediately marked down to $59. This puts it on par with the current low pricing of competitors like LifeProof, OtterBox, and DriSuit (you can see a comparison here). Likely due to the massive delays, this is painful from a margin perspective as it appears they are immediately losing that $20 in margin that is enjoyed in early sales.

Survivor Griffin Escape Capsule waterproof case iphone 5 Amazon ad

Not sure what the root causes of delay are, but it will be interesting to see how this affects the Catalyst / Griffin partnership going forward. Not off to a strong start.

One caveat is that the listing currently says the item is shipping in 6-10 days. Perhaps they will be one of the first to have stock and ship out, so it might make sense to jump on and reserve an early unit. We should also expect some announcements from Catalyst / Survivor soon. This item also qualifies for free super saver shipping which is nice.

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone camera

Product Specifications

Here are the early product specifications for the Survivor + Catalyst Underwater Case for iPhone 5:

  • Height: 135.4mm / 5.33in
  • Width: 67.3mm / 2.65in
  • Thickness: 14.2mm / 0.56in
  • Depth Ratig: 3m / 9.8ft
  • Drop Test: 2m / 6.6ft

The takeaway is that this case is similar in size to the original Escape Capsule, when taking into consideration the changes between the iPhone 4 and 5. It is pretty low profile and similar size to the LifeProof Frē, albeit 2mm thicker. At 3m it has better depth rating than most cases on the market besides the new products from DriSuit, which are rated to 5m.


Patient Escape Capsule 5 Customers Begin Mutiny

More problems on Facebook for Catalyst…

With no end in sight to the delays of the Escape Capsule Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5, the previously loyal fans have begun to mutiny in the only way they know how: via Catalyst’s Facebook page:

It started out with a disgruntled user buying a different case… and letting them know about the lost sale. Catalyst did not reply or delete the message :-\
Escape Capsule Mutiny 1

It then escalated with another user criticizing Catalyst’s information flow and PR strategy:
Escape Capsule Mutiny 2

It finally climaxed (for now) with a user asking for a simple date. Catalyst refuses and could not dignify him by providing a date… but they appreciate his message!
Escape Capsule Mutiny 3

We shall see if Catalyst can turn this ship around, but remember that the same thing happened with the original Escape Capsule. Maybe they will have something out by the time the iPhone 6s rolls around.

Don’t worry, they don’t answer my emails either.