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DriSuit Endurance Released in White – Available on Amazon $69

DriSuit Endurance White for iPhone 5 waterproof case front

DriSuit has released their flagship waterproof case for the iPhone 5, the Endurance, in white. Immediately upon release the case was available on Amazon for $69 and appears to be selling fast as limited stock was available. The case is not even featured on the DriSuit website yet.

This new case color comes just after DriSuit released their Guardian series in white, which retails for $10 less than the Endurance. This is because the Endurance has a capacitive touch screen, meaning you can actually use it underwater (change settings, use camera features, screen, whatever). This special screen is a bit thicker than the Guardian’s non-capacitive touch screen and probably costs a bit more to manufacture, hence the price differences.

We will wait and see if DriSuit releases more flavorful colors for the iPhone 5 model as they did on the original iPhone 4/4s Scuba Suit. The initial price for the white Endurance is $69 but you can monitor live Amazon pricing below:

DriSuit Guardian / Endurance Packaging Photos

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging front

DriSuit has released two waterproof case options for the iPhone 5, the Endurance and Guardian, both of whose packaging is shown above and below. Not the most creative in-your-face-awesome packaging ever seen, but good products come in boring-graphically-designed packages. It almost feels like China (or whatever country of manufacturer) did the design for them.

The case is well displayed and the packaging is sturdy cardboard. The photos on the back are horrible aren’t great and it is difficult to get a feel for what the features of the case are. Moreover, the packaging is nearly identical between the Guardian and Endurance. They push the point of the industry leading fully integrated headphone solution, but nowhere on the front of the case do they say that the case is waterproof to 5m (15ft), their main selling point!

DriSuit Endurance Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case packaging back

LifeProof’s characteristically corny graphic art looks like Van Gogh compared to DriSuit. That said, don’t judge a book by its cover as a great waterproof case awaits inside.


New Pictures of White DriSuit Guardian iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian white waterproof iPhone 5 case front

DriSuit just released a white version of their waterproof Guardian iPhone case for the iPhone 5, and one of the DriSuit crew took to their FaceBook page and posted some pretty solid pics of it. These pics show the new white version out in the woods getting dirty, with the phone protected just fine, and the contrast of the brown and white looking good.

DriSuit waterproof case white Guardian iphone 5 back

Strangely, the Guardian got a white version before the Endurance case, which was released earlier. Let’s hope there are more color options on the way.

DriSuit white Guardian waterproof case iPhone 5 front 2

DriSuit Releases Guardian iPhone 5 Amazon $65

DriSuit Guardian waterproof case for iPhone 5

DriSuit has released their Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case on Amazon for the discounted price of $65. This is being fulfilled by PhotoTech (not DriSuit) which is perhaps where the reduced price is coming from.

Check out live pricing below.


DriSuit Releases White Guardian iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian Waterproof Case iPhone 5 white

DriSuit has released a white version of their popular Guardian waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This case is very similar to their Endurance series but has a different touchscreen membrane that does not function while underwater, which probably works for 99% of what you want to do (i.e. not shooting fish photos underwater). Consider it the ‘street’ version of the heavy duty Endurance case.

The case is rated to an industry leading 5m (16.5ft) in depth protection and is well protected. It features an integrated waterproof headphone jack so does not require connectors or other pieces. It connects using two latches at the bottom (seals two pieces together) and offers full functionality for the phone.

The case is currently retailing for $59 and is available on Amazon.

DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5 Released on Amazon $65

DriSuit Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5

DriSuit has released their Endurance waterproof case for the iPhone 5 on Amazon and it is selling for $65 which is $5 less than the DriSuit website. Additionally, the Amazon site lists 18 units in stock while the DriSuit website is stocked out (and behind schedule), so this may be the only place to grab an Endurance for now.


DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5 Out of Stock til 6/1

DriSuit Endurnce for iPhone 5 out of stock

While many are patiently waiting for a DriSuit Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5 to be shipped (and some of us just for an email), the Drisuit website has been kind enough to inform us that stock = 0. Nothing will be shipping until June 1st, 2013, so let’s hope they can hit that mark.

The DriSuit Guardian, however, is in stock.

Impatience boiling, potential mutiny?

With the entertaining mutiny over at the Catalyst Facebook page subsiding due to finally releasing product, our attention is called to the DriSuit Facebook page and the upset people there. Curt responses, complete lack of responses, and ‘lost in transit’ product abound.

The Endurance case for iPhone 5 has not been available for 2 weeks, and the delay may be greater. The Facebook admin says that this is “due to extreme demand.” Hmmm… let me translate manufacturing speak. “Due to extreme demand” means:

  • Our planning and forecasting sucks, or
  • We are actually selling a sh*t ton, or
  • Our supplier messed up, or
  • Our operations messed up, or
  • combination of the above

Let’s hope they can this together and ship some product.

iPhone 5 Cases: LifeProof vs. OtterBox vs. DriSuit

LifeProof Fre OtterBox Armor Drisuit Endurance iPhone 5

Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 Showdown:

LifeProof Frē vs. OtterBox Armor vs. Drisuit Endruance

With the market for waterproof cases for the iPhone 5 in full swing (albeit the Catalyst + Survivor Escape Capsule late to the party) a full comparison of features, sizes, advantages and specs of the major players offerings for protecting your iPhone 5 is warranted. Of course, this includes the LifeProof Frē, OtterBox Armor, and DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5.

Reviews of LifeProof Frē, OtterBox Armor, and DriSuit Endurance.


Size Comparison

lifeproof_fre_waterproof_iphone_5_case side shot
Size is important for everyday use of a waterproof case. Too big and it is cumbersome to use, too small and it isn’t well protected. Thickness is an important dimension here: surprisingly, the DriSuit is the thickest by far at 20mm (0.79in), nearly twice as thick as the slender Frē. The cases are comparable in terms of width, and in terms of height the OtterBox Armor is the largest.

Height (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g)
LifeProof Frē 137.5 67.1 12.2 29.8
OtterBox Armor 140.2 75.5 17.8 111
DriSuit Endurance 132.1 71.1 20.1 n/a

In addition to physical dimensions, case weight is a major concern for most people, as you will be constantly carrying around your phone in the case. The weights of these cases vary wildly. LifeProof is slim and trim at just under 30g, and the OtterBox Armor is a behemoth at 111g. This is much heavier and all around more solid. That said, weight and size somewhat translate into protection, and when your phone falls it is that weight that is absorbing part of the shock instead of your phone. We imagine that the Drisuit will clock in at around 90g, like their original Scuba Suit version for iPhone 4/4s.

Depth Rating and Drop Test

Another important metric is how well the case protects your phone from dirt, water, and other drops and spills. This is one way to measure protection and durability, or how well the case will protect your investment. Each manufacturer rates and tests their product to a certain depth at which water will not ingress. It is possible to take the case greater than this depth but not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Depth Rating (m) Drop Test (m) Dust Proof Crush Test
LifeProof Frē 2 2 IP-68 n/a
OtterBox Armor 2 3 IP-68 2 tons
DriSuit Endurance 2 2 IP-68 n/a

It is clear here that the OtterBox is the strongest of the bunch, as it should be given its size. It has a better drop test rating and more defined crush proofing (2 tons!) than any of the other cases. But that comes at a price (weight). All cases carry the IP-68 standard which puts them on par with depth ratings for water at 2m, or 6.6ft. Please note that the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5 will have a depth rating of 3m when released.

Materials, Screen, Closure System and Seal

otterbox armor iphone 5 headphone charging port cover

Materials Screen Closure System
LifeProof Frē molded plastic, some softer overmold thin, clear plastic top/bottom snap together with small o-ring; clasp covers the charging port with gasket
OtterBox Armor molded plastic, metal clasps, colored soft overmold protective flaps and seals thin, clear plastic top/bottom pieces connect via living hinge; small square o-ring around perimeter. 2 metal clasps then clamp unit together
DriSuit Endurance thicker plastic, plastic clasps, interior overmolded sealing gasket, clear overmold for buttons and front camera/sensor Fluidic Touchscreen Membrane which functions underwater Bottom cap comes off and has waterproof gasket around perimeter. Fits into top piece, while 2 low profile cams on side pull these pieces together, sealing the case.

Almost everything on these cases is injection molded plastic, the differences are mostly in durometer, type of plastic and color. Notable exceptions include the metal clasps on the OtterBox Armor and the soft pad on the charging port door on the LifeProof Frē. LifeProof has the thinnest plastic, both on the case and screen, while DriSuit uses surprisingly thick materials which add in protection. The Drisuit Fluidic Touchscreen Membrane may be a bit slower than other options for everyday use, with the advantage that it works in/under water while the others do not.

Cameras, Headphones, Charging Port


Front / Back camera / Flash Waterproof w/ Headphones Charging Port
LifeProof Frē Yes / Yes / Yes yes; unscrew cap, then use adapter provided opens with phone in case
OtterBox Armor Yes / Yes / Yes No remove bottom overmold and second seal to access
DriSuit Endurance Yes / Yes / Yes Yes, small built in waterproofing connection must undo and remove bottom cap of case

All cases allow for both front and back camera, which includes flash. This seems to be an industry standard nowadays. DriSuit has the best waterproof headphone usage as the connection comes waterproof standard – no extra pieces or adapters. LifeProof is next best with a small adapter that seals into the case and creates a waterproof seal for your standard headphones. OtterBox does not offer any waterproofing options for headphones. For Charging, LifeProof is easiest as you open one waterproof clasp. OtterBox requires you to peal away to overmolded pieces, while DriSuit requires that you undo and remove the bottom cap of the case.

Color Options

LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 waterproof case colors 2013

Available Colors
LifeProof Frē Black, White, Blue, Earth, Red, Cyan, Magenta, Lime, Yellow, Olive
OtterBox Armor Arctic, Neon, Orange
DriSuit Endurance Black; White planned and possibly others

LifeProof offers the most color options, but perhaps the OtterBox colors are a bit more aggressive or edgy. DriSuit only has a black model out but like their 4/4s case, we can expect variations in the future.


DriSuit Releases Guardian Waterproof Cases for iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian waterproof case for iPhone 5

Our friends at DriSuit have come out of left field and surprised us with a brand new waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This leaked a few weeks ago which led to speculation about what the Guardian product would be. Besides releasing the Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5, DriSuit also now has the Guardian case for iPhone 5.

…and we are trying to figure out the difference.

The Early Details

We don’t know much about the Guardian case and DriSuit is not helping. The case is available and in stock and is selling for a retail price of $59.95, which is the same as the Endurance. It appears they are marketing it towards people fearful of water damage as opposed to the crowd who actively takes their phone in the water. Here is the description from the DriSuit website:

The driSuit guardian for the iPhone 5 is the perfect choice for all outdoor activities. Never again be caught in a situation where your iPhone investment is at risk. All weather protection from rain, snow, mud, dust and sand, from the soccer fields to city streets and even to the infamous toilet drops – for once and for all, you and your investment are covered an protected with driSuit.
Proprietary integrated audio jack, easy to use dual latch system, waterproof through five meters (16.5 feet), internally cushioned for shock protection – lanyard for easy carrying.

Most of that description is crap but the waterproof rating to 5m (16.6ft) is nice. That is much stronger than LifeProof Fre and Otterbox Armor which are rated to a mere 2m, or 6.6ft. The case appears styled similarly to the Endurance with low profile side clips to close a bottom piece to a phone-slides-in main body. Front camera/sensor panel is seen as well as a control for the home screen. Multiple microphone and sound vents on the bottom which looks long (i.e. this thing looks tall).

Other Information

The only other information we have is from a random company’s Facebook post from January (!). This may or not be accurate:

DriSuit Guardian Facebook Post

The lack of fluid touch screen is interesting… remember, while a bit thick and bulky, it allows one to use the screen while in/underwater. This is from the old days of DriSuit when their product was called the Scuba Suit until the realized it wasn’t good for Scuba Diving.

This post also makes us believe that the case will be released for the iPhone 4/4s and will be available in both black and white colors. More to come as we learn more details…

DriSuit’s Marketing Needs Help


DriSuit Guardian Marketing

We love the DriSuit products but they have got to step up their marketing game. It is like they are running a middle school yearbook over there.

Fear not, we have put together a 5 Step Program for DriSuit:

  1. You have a new product launch for the Guardian, and no one shows up. Your tweet gets no conversation and no one is talking about your hash tag 2 days later. Not effective. Step up your social media game.
  2. See LifeProof Understands Marketing
  3. Fix the photos on your website. Photos sell. They are currently not professional or sharp. Get us some decent photos to hype your stuff! Fix website while at it.
  4. Fix the text on your website. There are grammatical mistakes and not enough information to inform consumers.
  5. Get the word out (ehh hem… I can help) about your new products. You will sell more!

At this rate, Catalyst (who doesn’t even have a product yet!) is going to beat them.


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