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OtterBox Releases Yellow and Blue Colors for iPhone 5 Armor Series

OtterBox Armor Case iPhone 5 yellow grey summit front screen
OtterBox seems to have taken a page out of LifeProof’s playbook (whom they recently acquired) as they are (finally) releasing new colors for their waterproof Armor Series line of cases for the iPhone 5. Their latest offerings are called Titanium (yellow and grey) and Summit (blue and grey). The same blue/grey combination has also been released for their iPhone 4/4s Armor case, but Titanium is unique to the iPhone 5.

The new colors are retailing for a steep $99 while arctic, neon and orange colors can be found on Amazon for $70.

OtterBox Armor Case iPhone 5 blue grey summit front screen

You can see a review of this case here and full specs here. The case has a depth rating of 2m (6.6 ft), can withstand drops from 10 ft and up to 2 tons of pressure. It allows for full functionality and is a great way to protect your investment.

DriSuit Releases Guardian iPhone 5 Amazon $65

DriSuit Guardian waterproof case for iPhone 5

DriSuit has released their Guardian iPhone 5 waterproof case on Amazon for the discounted price of $65. This is being fulfilled by PhotoTech (not DriSuit) which is perhaps where the reduced price is coming from.

Check out live pricing below.


Catalyst Survivor Price Dropped to $53

Catalyst Survivor Waterproof iPhone 5 case black clear all angles

In the market for a Catalyst + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5?

With summer in full swing, now may be the time to pick up a black/clear one as Amazon has them for $53, which is a $12 discount for this outstanding waterproof case. Check out the review and consider jumping on this, although other colors are slated to come out in the future. But knowing Catalyst, this may be a while.


DriSuit Releases White Guardian iPhone 5

DriSuit Guardian Waterproof Case iPhone 5 white

DriSuit has released a white version of their popular Guardian waterproof case for the iPhone 5. This case is very similar to their Endurance series but has a different touchscreen membrane that does not function while underwater, which probably works for 99% of what you want to do (i.e. not shooting fish photos underwater). Consider it the ‘street’ version of the heavy duty Endurance case.

The case is rated to an industry leading 5m (16.5ft) in depth protection and is well protected. It features an integrated waterproof headphone jack so does not require connectors or other pieces. It connects using two latches at the bottom (seals two pieces together) and offers full functionality for the phone.

The case is currently retailing for $59 and is available on Amazon.

LifeProof Reveals Nuud Case for iPhone 5

Lifeproof iPhone nuud waterproof case for iPhone 5

Big news today out of LifeProof… they have revealed a new waterproof case for the iPhone 5, called the nuud. This is a product line extension of their popular iPad case that does not have a protective screen over the front glass. That is right: a waterproof case with no front screen. They achieve this by creating a seal around the perimeter of the screen using a gasket, and locking it down by sealing two pieces of the case together.

Lifeproof nuud waterproof iphone 5 case tweet

Not a lot of details so far but pricing is rumored at $89, $10 higher than the Frē iPhone 5 case.

This is a great improvement as it is a super protective, waterproof case without the bulk and dodgy screen protector of other cases. LifeProof is definitely out on the forefront of technology here… it will be interesting to see how the competition follows.

DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5 Released on Amazon $65

DriSuit Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5

DriSuit has released their Endurance waterproof case for the iPhone 5 on Amazon and it is selling for $65 which is $5 less than the DriSuit website. Additionally, the Amazon site lists 18 units in stock while the DriSuit website is stocked out (and behind schedule), so this may be the only place to grab an Endurance for now.


Griffin + Survivor Waterproof Case iPhone 5 Officially Released on Amazon for $69

Catalyst + Griffin Survivor Waterproof Case Black pieces

After long months of waiting, misteps and misinformation, the Griffin + Survivor Waterproof Case for iPhone 5, the follow up to the Escape Capsule, has been fully released. The case is selling on both Catalyst / Griffin websites and Amazon.

The case was originally posted on Amazon for $59 before launch but that seems to have been a misstep. The price and photo were updated to the current price of $69, but we will see how long that lasts.

Catalyst Escape Capsule for iPhone 5

The case features a 3m depth rating and 2m drop rating. It is thin and trim at L x W x D of 135.4 x 67.3 x 14.2mm, which is very comparable to the LifeProof Fre for iPhone 5. The Survivor features full functionality, waterproof headphone adapter and a clear, polycarbonate design with soft rubber overmolding.

DriSuit Endurance for iPhone 5 Out of Stock til 6/1

DriSuit Endurnce for iPhone 5 out of stock

While many are patiently waiting for a DriSuit Endurance waterproof case for iPhone 5 to be shipped (and some of us just for an email), the Drisuit website has been kind enough to inform us that stock = 0. Nothing will be shipping until June 1st, 2013, so let’s hope they can hit that mark.

The DriSuit Guardian, however, is in stock.

Impatience boiling, potential mutiny?

With the entertaining mutiny over at the Catalyst Facebook page subsiding due to finally releasing product, our attention is called to the DriSuit Facebook page and the upset people there. Curt responses, complete lack of responses, and ‘lost in transit’ product abound.

The Endurance case for iPhone 5 has not been available for 2 weeks, and the delay may be greater. The Facebook admin says that this is “due to extreme demand.” Hmmm… let me translate manufacturing speak. “Due to extreme demand” means:

  • Our planning and forecasting sucks, or
  • We are actually selling a sh*t ton, or
  • Our supplier messed up, or
  • Our operations messed up, or
  • combination of the above

Let’s hope they can this together and ship some product.

LifeProof Releases Replacement Front / Back iPhone 5 Case Pieces

LifeProof iPhone 5 Fre replacement front piece white

If you have lost / broken / disfigured / destroyed / tarnished / or otherwise compromised one half of your Frē waterproof case for iPhone 5, you are in luck. LifeProof is selling front / back pieces for this case individually as replacements. Alternatively, you can use these extra halves to mix and match the color of your case to create a unique combination.

Both the front and back assembly are available in black or white colors and will work and fit together with any LifeProof Frē out there. The front / back replacement pieces are priced at $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. Ironically, buying the two replacements totals to about $70, which is $10 less than the iPhone 5 Frē case is selling for on the LifeProof website.

Now when will there be a clear back for the Frē iPhone 5 case?

LifeProof iPhone 5 Fre replacement back piece black

Griffin: More Survivor + Catalyst Colors in 2014?

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 case more colors 2

Griffin Technologies, who partnered with Catalyst Lifestyle to create the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case for the iPhone 5, has the above header photo on their website saying more colors will be available in 2014. At a minimum, that is 7.5 months away. Heck, Catalyst just released the pink version pictured above. Are they serious?

Can you imagine what the Catalyst mutiny would be like if this were true? Either way, this demonstrates the miscommunication between the two companies.

Likely, this is the oversight of an absent minded graphic artist and is an honest mistake. But hell, who could blame them for thinking 2014, with as long as this case has been delayed.

More PR 101

Meanwhile, over at their Mad Max style FaceBook page, Catalyst is putting on another PR demonstration and putting out fires with customers who weren’t informed about the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof Case being released.

That’s because there was no announcement.

Even while someone released it prematurely on Amazon, Catalyst did not make a blanket announcement but did alert those on their preorder list. Of course, this pissed off those people who weren’t on that list.

Catalyst new colors iphone 5

So don’t let anyone else know or order, even if you have limited quantities?

Take notes, kids.